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 Reciprocal Link Checker Tool / Broken Link Checker Tool
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Reciprocal Link Checker Tool
Broken Link Checker Tool

Our Reciprocal / Broken Link Checker Tool will allow you to automatically & free:

  • check a list of links (for instance, links from excel report);
  • check your links presence on link backs pages;
  • check broken links to your website;
  • check Page Rank of your links;
  • check no follow tags of your links;
  • check if your backlinks were not removed within a week, month or a year.

Q. How to find all backlinks to a website? - Use Backlink Checker Tool.

Our Link Checker is also known as: reciprocal link checker / link checking software / online link checking tool / free link checker / link checker website / broken link checker / dead link checker / broken links checker / reciprocal link checker / URL checker / URL link checker / web link checker / web page link checker / web site link checker / website link checker / check broken links / Free Online Link Checker Tool. Also check out Free SEO Cost Calculator.

We recommend you try this highly profitable affiliate program for SEO and you'll be glad you did.

Note: You need to register & login to use this tool. Register. Login. Below you can see just sample reports. You can only view them, but you cannot delete them or create new projects until you register.

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