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SEO Marketing Tips

  1. Do you update the copyright notice on every page of your site?

    Do you make sure there are no misspellings on your pages? Do you check for grammar errors? Your website exhibits how professional you are, so spend the time to do your "housekeeping."

  2. Define which products have the highest profit margin?

    A product that is less searched but has a higher profit margin would be easier to obtain a search engine ranking and would yield higher revenues.

  3. Next time you are working on an important sales letter, remember to spend at least 50% of your time working on that all important headline text. This includes both the Title Tag and your main < H1 > Header on the page. Little changes to Heading text can make huge impacts with a little thought.

    Here is a variety of free validators you can use to check your CSS Style Sheets or HTML Validation or several other unique free tools from the W3.org. http://www.w3.org/QA/Tools/

  4. Read all of your content, including titles and descriptions, out loud.

    If you stumble over words, so will your audience. Rewrite until everything reads smoothly.

  5. Who is your "target audience"?

    When you write your website content, who are you focusing it on?

    Have the search engines ever purchased anything from you? Forget the search engines! Focus on your customers! When you write content, write valuable content focused on your customers. Focus on one topic (keyword phrase) only. Your keyword-containing tags should include that one topic (keyword phrase) only. Everything on the page should be focused on that one topic. Prove to the search engine that your page is about that topic. The page will then be very relevant for the topic. But it will be valuable for the customers.

    Don't ever create a page just for the search engines. The search engines aren't and won't ever be your customers. Keep your true customers in mind, and give THEM true value throughout your site and in your content.

  6. Make your title attractive.

    Choose your most important keyword phrase. Search it in Google and carefully study the top 10 results. Which is the best written title? Which is the most captivating? Which grabs the reader by the throat and makes him or her want to click on the link? Is it the #1 ranked result? Not necessarily, is it? Is it your listing?

    If it's not your listing, and especially if you're having problems with click throughs with this keyword phrase, how can you change your title to make it more intriguing and designed to pull in traffic? We're talking about click throughs here. You can often beat the top ranked sites if you have a more appealing and captivating title.

    Make a list of title changes, being sure to include your keyword phrase in the title. Set it aside and don't look at it for two days. Then, bring it out again and study the list again. Begin culling down the list. Get others' opinions. Try a new title, and see if your click through rate will improve.

  7. Building genuine SEO skills that will impact your online sales.

    A beautiful website with no traffic or visibility can't survive in the business world. But a high ranking website that gets tons of traffic, but where no-one is compelled to make a purchase or take action, won't work for you either. Think "visibility PLUS a solid call to action."

    It is important to think about what search engine marketing means. It is a fascinating topic, but it takes in much more than just the process of "optimization" alone. Search engine marketing is actually the process of optimization plus effective marketing. You need both of these elements for your website to be successful and to effectively make sales and convert that new traffic.

    Here's the thing to understand. Highly relevant pages that are easily found in top search results also need to be absolutely engaging and have a legitimate value to the visitor. They need to compel a response from the visitor - and this is where you can truly begin making money and increasing your sales. Visibility for "quality content" combined with the skill to compel your visitor to "take action" is what will make a nice pay check and make you happy.

    Remember to include strong calls to action to compel a response from the reader into each page and leave nothing to guess work.


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