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 SEO Tools > List Subtractor

List Subtractor

Our Free List Subtractor Tool  is designed to :

  • subtract one email list from another email list;
  • subtract list A from list B;
  • subtract one URLs list from another URLs list;
  • or subtract any content from other content.

How can it be used?

For example, you've got an email list of 2,000 companies. You want to send out an email to all of them except 250 companies. What should you do now? Find and remove all these 250 emails by hand? Not anymore. Our Free List Subtractor Tool will do that for you in seconds!

How to use this tool?

  1. Just copy & paste your content (for example, email list) in Input content field.
  2. Copy & paste that content, which you want to be subtracted (for example, unnecessary emails) in Subtract content field.
  3. Choose or enter your custom Input, Subtract and Output Separators if necessary.
  4. Click Subtract content button.

Other Tools for Email / URL Management:

Email / URL Extractor - designed to extract URLs or emails from content.
Duplicate Remover - designed to remove duplicated emails, URLs, keywords or other content.

Download a free list of 20,000 emails of link builders.

Input separator:
Subtract separator:
Output separator:
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Output content:

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