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How To Start Using Our SEO Tools?

Some of our tools make thousands of requests to Google daily. Google limits the number of requests made per day on an IP address basis. That's why during the first month you'll be able to use all our tools for free (trial period). But 1 month later you'll have to either place a backlink to our site, OR pay $9.95 per month to be able to use the following 4 tools:

1. Google Keyword Tracker
2. Backlink Checker
3. Reciprocal Link Checker
4. Keyword Research Tool

Note: all other 5 tools, listed below will stay free even after trial period. The following below 5 tools are completely free:
1. Backlink Value Checker
2. Keywod Suggestion

Free Email List Management Tools:
3. Email & URL Extractor
4. Duplicate Remover
5. List Subtractor

So you have 3 options how you can use our tools:

  1. Free. Upload our Transparent File (download) to your web server that supports PHP and enter the URL following to this file in your Profile.

  2. Free.  No Transparent File Needed. Place minimum PR2+ backlink to our website, let us know, and we'll set up our server for your FREE usage. Code for URL:

  3. No Transparent File Needed. For just $9.95 per month you will get an instant access to ALL our tools without any file needed. Please click Subscribe button below and make payment. We'll set up your account. 
$9.95 per month for using ALL our tools (first month is free).


What is a Transparent File?

In case you are wondering why you have to install this script on your server is because Google limits the number of requests made per day on an IP address basis. So this will make the requests from your server IP.


How to set up a Transparent File?

  1. Please save this PHP script (Transparent File) to your web server that supports PHP (name it whatever you want, but be sure to give it a .php extension). Download file.
  2. Enter the URL following to this file in your Profile.


Reciprocal Link Checker

  1. What is 'Verifiable URL'?
    What is 'List of Pages Linking to Verifiable URL'?

    For example, some SEO company or a link builder has built links to your website (www.yourwebsite.com) and sent you an excel report with all built backlinks. Now you want to check if a link to your website really resides on all of those pages in the report.

    In this case Verifiable URL is www.yourwebsite.com, and List of pages linking to Verifiable URL is a list of all those links in the report you've received from your SEO company or a link builder.

  2. What is 'Total no. of found backlinks'?

  3. What is 'Total no. of working backlinks'?



Backlink Checker 

  1. Why are there keywords with the same or almost same popularity, but with absolutely different competition?

    A huge competition of the most common keyword phrases is caused by the fact that exactly they are being used by overwhelming majority of people, what makes them so competitive!

    And since those keywords are that much competitive and are targeted by most, this means that the rest of the keywords have MUCH LOWER or no competition at all! Then why don’t you find and target them?

  2. Why do people use the most common keywords if they are so competitive?

    People use the most common keywords because they just don’t know about our free Backlink Watch Tool yet :) And so they simply have no opportunity to choose from!
  3. Where do you harvest the back links?

    We harvest all available links from all search engines filtering out repeating and broken links. In such a way, information provided by our Backlink Checker Tool is the most precise & accurate, and it shows a real picture of how Google sees and treats analyzed website. 


Google Keyword Tracker

  1. A month ago my website was #4 on Google. 2 weeks later it dropped to position #18. Now it is #7. Why does this happen all the time?

    Continual website rankings changes is absolutely normal thing. That always happens with absolutely all websites on the Internet. To be precise: with all active websites, which build new backlinks. Sites which do not build new links only drop in rankings.

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