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 Free SEO Newsletter > SEO Articles > What Is The Most Difficult in SEO?

What Is The Most Difficult In SEO?

We believe it is correct results interpretation. (We recommend you to track your keywords changes using our Free Google Keyword Tracker.)

The thing is when you start to build or buy backlinks to your website you expect your site rankings to improve on Google (and that's absolutely logically). And at first your site rankings really start to gradually improve and go up.

But in some time you suddenly discover that your website has totally gone out of SERPs! (Or fallen significantly.)

What thoughts do you have then?


"Google banned me! Google banned my site!"
"Google has penalized my site!"

"These SEO (if you bought links) are liers! They have spoiled everything!"

OR "I DON'T UNDERSTAND ANYTHING!" - If you have built links to your website by yourself.

You are shocked, scared, frustrated, and worried - what happened?! Everything was so right?!

We think that what happened is a work of one of Google Filters. We call it Anti SEO Google Filter (many SEO mix it up with Google Sandbox Filter, although in fact in most cases your website can still be 'saved' how_to_avoid_search_engine_blacklisting).

How does it work?

We believe that when Google sees new appeared links to a website, it wants to check: are these links natural/organic or artificial (bought)?

How can Google check that?

We consider that in order to check that Google Algorithm developers are trying to influence psychological state of Search Engine Optimizer. And it seems like they do it very well.

We think that in order to check whether or not backlinks are natural or bought, Google Algorithm TEMPORARY either seriously lowers website in search results, or completely takes it away from SERPs.

When someone sees his website has totally gone out of SERPs, usually he concludes that is a Google Penalty and stops to build / buy links to his website.

And This Is Exactly How Google Finds Out Those Links Were Bought!


If those links were not bought, but received naturally, then after website rankings fall in search results no one would
ever stop to place links to that website! (Since no one tracks that site in SERPs; no one promotes this site and no one cares. People just place links to it because they like it!)

And if those links were bought by website owner, who promotes his site, he would be scared by the penalty and probably in 99 cases of 100 he would stop to build links to his site. And exactly this is a signal for Google!


If you see your website gone from Google search results, do not panic, stay cool and calmly continue to build links to your site. And we can guarantee you that in 90% of cases your website will GO BACK and its rankings will IMPROVE! That has already been checked by our link building service at more than 2,000 of websites!

P.S.: What will happen in the rest 10% of cases and how to avoid that? Find out about 5 The Most Important Factors Making Your Link Building Campaign Natural.

Our link popularity service includes Natural Link Building Speed Planning & Adjustment Services,  as well as 30 more other great SEO services, absolutely FREE!

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